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First Steps

Step 1

Getting the application or custom signal source 

Step 2

Connecting the emitter to your Phone or PC

Step 3

Choose the placement of the emitter

Step 4

 Crystal placement and working with the scalar field

There are multiple ways to drive the emitters. The basic way to provide a signal for the emitter is by using the SFG Application. This application contains several programs and sequences. These programs are proven to be safe and beneficial. You can download the default driver application from the Google Play Store by searching for “Scalar Field Generator”.  Or you can use the WebGL version which runs on PC.  


If you are comfortable exploring different vibrations and signal sources beyond the default programs we provide, you can use some third-party function generator app or software or youtube videos you feel comfortable with.  


It is suggested to start with 528Hz ( Love frequency ) to learn how to connect the energy to your chakra system. 


SFG Application ( Android ) 

SFG WebGL Application ( PC - Web  ) 

There are two ways to connect the emitter to the signal sources. Some emitters are equipped with both Low and High-level input and some only have one of those. 


Low-Level Input ( Default )

The Low-level inputs are the Headphone connector on your PC or Phone.  The emitters are equipped with a 2.5mm audio input connector. To be able to connect your device to the emitter you will need an audio cable like this one Audio Cable 2.5mm to 3.5mm 


Simply connect the 2.5mm end to the emitter and the 3.5mm end to your PC or Phone ( if it's equipped ) 

The scalar field builds up and extends progressively over time. It usually takes 30min - 2 hours to reach its full potential and size. Choose the location for the emitter in a way that if you are meditating or laying down the emitter field on Low level can cover your entire body. At a Low level, the emitters usually produce a maximum 2-3 meter radius field. Using an amplifier, this range can be extended up to 20-80 m radius depending on the type of the emitter and input power.  Recommended to place the emitter stationary and for long term use.

Place your clear quartz crystal in the middle of the emitter put your phone onto the charger and you can start enjoying any program you choose. Our suggestion is to start with the 528Hz and try to connect to the field and to the crystal with your heart and mind. 

If your heart chakra is not open yet enough then you would probably not sense much but the device will still have a positive effect on you. Try to observe your mental state and try to dive into your imagination while you use the device. Your imagination and mental visualization have a direct driving effect to manipulate the energy field. 


Suggested first usages:

Try the solfeggio 12 sequences for sleeping. We realized on low power it can bring you a very deep and energizing sleeping time. In some cases, you will wake up much more balanced and have more energy as usual. Also possible that your sleep time will be reduced by 1-2 hours as the emitter speeds up the recovery and metabolism of your body. This can shorten your needed sleep time. 


Try to place a transparent glass bottle of water on the emitter and subject it to the scalar field for 1-2 hours on low power. Use for this procedure the 432Hz or 528Hz. This will make the water very energized and structured. Drinking this water can support the healing and vitalizing process in your body. 

What might I feel when my device is already running? 

Depending on the selected program you may feel different things. It is very common that you can hear a kind of high and soft ringing tone in the center of your brain as you look and focus on the device and connect to the field mentally ( the quantum coils triggering your pineal gland ). You can sometimes feel a soft pressure in your heart chakra. 

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