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If you want to reach the developer team you can connect with us on the e-mail address. Please be patient as sometimes answering your question can take quite a while.


If for some reason the team or website for support is down, usually due to upgrades, contact

  • If I am outside the US and Canada regions can I purchase an emitter?
    Right now our capacity only covers the US and Canada region. In 2022 Q2 we aim to be able to ship to Europe too. We hope our distribution capacity will increase over time.
  • What kind of crystal is recommended?
    We recommend the Clear - Natural Quartz Crystals with the minimum size of 6x6x12 cm (2.7x2.7x4.7 inch ). Ultimately it doesn't matter the size, but bigger crystals are stronger and allow larger field compression and highly recommended.
  • I got the coil how to start to use?
    You should just plug the coil into your phone or pc audio/phone output and install our driver software. Then place your crystal in the center of the emitter. Then you have to set your audio volume to the maximum and start the application. Note: Many phone on the market comes without audio connection. In those cases we suggest to use a Bluetooth headphone amplifier or using the PC version.
  • What should I feel when my device is running?
    Depending on the selected program you may feel different things. It is very common that you can hear a kind of high and soft ringing tone in your center of your brain as you look at the device and connect to the field ( in the quantum coil case as it triggers your pineal gland ) , or you can feel a soft pressure at your heart chakra. After a while 30-50 min you can sense that you feel better more energetic or you are boosted. This is a low power system and meant for the continuous usage so you can sleep next to it or you can let it run any time you wish. IMPORTANT NOTE: The system works with your intention and boosting your energies. If you are in a sad, angry, or harsh mood then probably not best time to use the device and you may wish to take the crystal away from the coil. This stops the energy compression because even if your coil isn't running, the system emanates the last programmed energies on the subtle bodies for at least for 3-4 days. It is good practice to always put your intention into the crystal with regards to what kind of energy you do want to create, like healing, boosting your brain performance, or you just integrating calming energies. Explore the different vibrations in the application and observe how you feel! The crystals in the device allow extremely high frequencies embedding from higher dimensional orders to be accessible and tunable more or less for our human experience and help create pathways for integration into our field matrixes as perceivable.
  • Can I connect the emitter to a receiver?
    Yes we designed the coil to being able to driven with more power like a hi-fi speaker or connect to a custom signal generator. In this way you can create a coil cluster system which will exponentially expand the field. The coils impedance is in the range of 5-17 Ohm so you can connect them to any receiver ( which allows the 4Ohm speakers ) . IMPORTANT NOTE: we are not recommending to use it on high power longer than 2 hour if you drive it with a receiver. We suggest not driving the device over 15-20W as it can damage your emitter. You will notice the emitter will get very hot if being driven with to much power.
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