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The name Maximus was gven at that moment when we first turned on this emitter while engaged with our testings. The energy field density and efficiency gave us all chills. This emitter is developed in a way to be able to generate a mpre intense area coverage and energy density. One of the greatest benefits of this emitter is the Dual Channel configuration. This lets you create asymmetrical energy vortexes which create a third harmonic vibration that comes from the two frequency differences.  This third pulsation is extending the range of the field characteristic and is very beneficial for creating new energy signatures for healing, spiritual work, and for boosting generally anything we focus our intentions towards. This fractacl array, due to its high energy density, creates a less dense dimensional pressure on our body in close proximity which enables the user to heal faster, reach 4th-dimensional energies easier, and also helps to open new brain functions and sharpen spiritual abilities.


NOTE: This emitter is only working with additional amplifiers. Its size is just way too big to be able to drive directly with a phone.  The suggested amplifier you can find in the links below. 


NOTE: For the placeholders and parts we use at this time 3D printing with a special filament. This ensures a very stable structural integrity but also can take time to produce depending on production loads. We generally ask you to expect anywhere from 1-2weeks max for your Maximus order to be delivered, but we will update you as soon as your order is placed and we welcome and special request. 


More information about the FRD3D Maximus Emitter:

FRD3D Maximus – Assembly Instructions Video ( Youtube Link ) 

Suggested 20W Amplifier Link ( ) ( This is a minimum recommendation anything more quality amp would increase the signal quality as well)

FRD Maximus

$3,600.00 Regular Price
$3,000.60Sale Price
    • Channel: Dual-Channel (2 separated channels)
    • Field Size (Low power)8 meter
    • Field Size (High power)60 meter
    • Unit size: 320 x 320 x 280 mm
    • Electric Impedance: ~4 Ohm (3.9-5.5 Ohm / Channel)
    • Maximum Input Power: ~50 Watt (in 8 Ohm Serial Configuration)
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