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Developed for being efficient in the areas of Powerful energy compression, huge area coverage, high energy density. This coil is intended to be the most focused and powerful design. This design due to its power is well suited for every type of spiritual work and healing, especially for group events. It can be used for healing, spiritual and meditation sessions, group therapy, covering a whole house with beneficial scalar energy. 


The new braces allow for FRD3D Models to build into unique combinations of geometries as well as secure the FRD3D for more security and rugged look!!! 


NOTE: This emitter only working with amplifiers. Its size is just way too big to be able to drive directly with a phone.  The suggested amplifier you can find in the links below. 


NOTE: For the placeholders and plastic parts we use at this time 3D printing with a special filament. This ensures a very stable structural integrity but the surface quality from the visual side is not yet production quality. 


FRD Tower ( Without Crystal Light Booster Modul )

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