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16 Custom Light Programs to further Assimilate Energy Capacitance and Healing Environment


The Crystal Light Booster is being in development since 2019. We wanted to add a new energy layer to our scalar field emitters. This device helps the user to connect with the field easier and also provides gentle stimulation to our brain through the visual cortex. The combination of the light patterns and the scalar field makes this system very powerful. This device charges the Crystals and also energizes them.


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Crystal Light Booster

SKU: 0
$1,900.00 Regular Price
$1,200.00Sale Price
    • Standalone System
    • Can feed the FRD emitter with +5V DC which sufficient enough to generate a 3-4m static scalar field
    • Powered via USB port
    • 18 Program ( 6 procedural / 12 Pattern-based )
    • 18 Color Range
    • Random Mode
    • Implemented an ancient method we got through channeling called ” Rainbow Meditation”
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